Jian Wang

Company: Health Canada

Chief, Clinical Review Division in Centre for Evaluation of Radiopharmaceuticals & Biotherapeutics, Biologics and Genetic Therapies Directorate, Health Canada

Dr. Wang manages a team of clinical and medical reviewers. His division conducts non-clinical, PK/PD and clinical evaluations, and has regulatory responsibility over the biological drugs for haematological, oncological, infectious, cardiovascular and renal diseases.  Radiopharmaceuticals, gene therapies, Subsequent Entry Biologics/ biosimilars and therapeutic vaccines are also regulated by his division.  He provides pre-submission consultations to drug manufacturers, and makes pre-market regulatory recommendations to the senior management.  He actively participates in various Health Canada, ICH, WHO, PAHO and DIA working groups and expert committees.  He is also a regularly-invited speaker for biologics and biosimilars at local and international meetings and workshops.

Dr. Wang received his MD from Harbin Medical University, China in 1982, and was awarded PhD in Physiology from the University of British Columbia, Canada in 1989.  He joined Health Canada in 1996 with many years of scientific and clinical research experience in both academic and clinical settings.