Markku Toivonen

Company: NDA Advisory Services Ltd.

Dr. Toivonen qualified as a physician and specialist in internal medicine from Helsinki University. A regulatory professional with over 25 years of experience from positions in pharmaceutical industry (Orion Pharma), regulatory authorities and consultancy. As of April 2005, Dr. Toivonen is Scientific Director of NDA Advisory Services Ltd. and member of NDA Advisory Board. Prior to this he was Head of Section, Marketing Authorisation Department (2003 - 2005) and Senior Medical Officer (1997 - 2002) both at the National Agency for Medicine. He was a member of the CPMP/CHMP 1997 - 2004.

Dr. Toivonen chaired the EMEA Scientific Advice Working Party (2003-2004); the CPMP Scientific Advice Review Group (SciARG) (2000-2003); and the CPMP Ad hoc group on (pre-) clinical comparability of biotech products (2001-2002).