Gertrud Thormann

Company: The HST Consulting Network GmbH.

Dr. Gertrud Thormann-Huber is Partner and Principle Consultant of The HST Consulting Network GmbH. As an independent consultant she advises and assists many biopharmaceutical companies in the global development and regulatory strategies for successful approval of their recombinant proteins and/or monoclonal antibodies while often acting as a member of their global development teams or in the position of the Director Clinical & Regulatory Affairs. She has over 30 years experience with several pharmaceutical companies in all fields of drug development with a special emphasis on the development and regulatory issues of biotechnology-derived compounds and the interactions with the EMEA and FDA. Before setting-up her own consultancy firm in 1995 she has been 10 years with F. Hoffmann-La Roche in Basle where she has a track record of successful approvals of several submitted MAAs for recombinant proteins and in her last position she was a senior member of the global regulatory management team. Gertrud Thormann-Huber has a Degree in Pharmacy and PhD in Natural Sciences with specialization in pharmaceutical biology from University Munich.