Ashley Strougo

Company: Astellas Pharma Global Development Europe

Dr. Ashley Strougo is a scientist in pharmacokinetics modelling & simulation (M&S) at Astellas where she has been involved in different paediatric projects for a variety of indications. Ashley was born in Rio de Janeiro where she graduated as a pharmacist in 2001. In 2005 after research projects involving the use of PK-PD modelling in the field of pharmacology, clinical pharmacology and pediatrics she obtained her M.Sc. degree in Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences at Leiden University in The Netherlands. Prior to joining Astellas in 2007 Ashley worked as a pharmacometrician to a consultancy company using M&S to identify and address key drug development issues. Since 2008 she is also a visiting scientist at Leiden University where she investigates different M&S techniques for bridging clinical data from adults to children as part of her PhD project.