Birgit Reipert

Company: Baxter BioScience

Birgit Reipert, PhD, is Director of the Department of Immunology within the Franchise Hemophilia/Hematology at Baxter BioScience. In addition she has got a lectureship at the Medical University of Vienna (Austria). She received her PhD from the Ernst-Moritz Arndt University, Greifswald (Germany), and postdoctoral training at the Institute for Medical Immunology at the Charitè, Berlin (Germany), at the Department of Immunology of the Institute for Cancer Research, Berlin and at the Paterson Institute for Cancer Research, Manchester (UK). Birgit Reipert joined Immuno AG in 1994 and Baxter AG in 1997. Birgit Reipert has a long standing interest in the immunogenicity of therapeutic proteins and in the search for new approaches to prevent unwanted immune responses to these proteins.