Sylvie Le Glédic

Company: Voisin Consulting Life Sciences

Sylvie Le Glédic is in charge of the design and implementation of global regulatory strategies for the development of medical devices and in vitro diagnostics (IVDs). Furthermore, she is actively involved in the evolution and the re-writing of the EU IVD Directive, and closely follows the new regulations for registration of Companion Diagnostics. Sylvie is based in Voisin Consulting Life Sciences’ Paris office.

Sylvie brings over two decades of experience in the regulatory field of IVD medical devices, achieving the implementation of the IVD Directive at Bayer Diagnostics in the EU, as well as the registration of the CE marked Company’s IVDs with the applicable European Competent Authorities. Sylvie has significant experience in the preparation and submission of regulatory filings according to the EU Conformity Assessment procedures to achieve CE marking for placing IVD products on the market in Europe. She managed numerous contacts with regulatory bodies (Notified Bodies and EU Competent Authorities) and supported the Pre- and Post-market IVD vigilance activities and reporting in Europe.
Sylvie is a graduate of the University of Paris VI with a degree in biochemistry. Her work experience grew from marketing responsibilities and registration of diagnostics products with the French Competent Authority to extended National and European regulatory responsibilities at Bayer Diagnostics then Siemens HealthCare Diagnostics, for all Central Laboratory and Diabetes Care devices. The Central Laboratory devices included biochemistry, haematology, immunology, blood gas and molecular biology products, under Annex II List A and List B. She closely collaborated with the US manufacturer for the reporting of adverse events to the EU Regulatory Agencies, including the MDRs reported to the FDA. She achieved the CE marking of the reagents and software for the risk assessment of Trisomy 21, obtained with the French Notified Body, LNE.

Recently at BioSystems International, she was in charge of the development of a diagnostic test for lung cancer detection. She managed the clinical trials performed for the validation of the test and the creation of the 510(k) and CE technical files, and prepared the pre-IDE meeting with the FDA.