Thomas Hünig

Company: University of Würzburg

Prof. Dr. Thomas Hünig has been Head of Institute and Chariman of the Department of Immunology at the Institute for Virology and Immunobiology, University of Würzburg since 1990.

Since 2009 he has been speaker at the Interdisciplinary Center for Clinical Research (IZKF) in Würzburg, Vice Dean for Research at the Medical Faculty and Member of the University Senate. Since 2003 he has been speaker at GSLS class "Infection and Immunity". Between 2000 - 2009 he was speaker at the Graduate College 520 "Immunomodulation", between 2002 - 2009 at the SFB 479. Between 1999 - 2006 he was Coordinator of the VW-Junior Research Group. His previous positions included: Group Leader, Gene Center/MPI Munich; Head of a Research Group of the SFB 105, Würzburg; Postdoc with Dr. M. Bevan, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

He has been a member in several advisory boards: Biomedical Commission of the Fritz Thyssen Foundation (since 2/2008); Scientific Advisory Board, Wilhelm-Sander-Stiftung (since 2007); IZKF Erlangen (since 2002); Scientific Advisory Board of the Research Center Borstel (2001 - 2010) DFG panel microbiology, virology and immunology (2000 - 2008); Scientific Advisory Board of the BNI for Tropical Medicine, Hamburg (2001 - 2007); Scientific Advisory Board of the Institute for Immunology, Heidelberg (1992 - 2002). He received the following awards: Humboldt/South African Research Award (1997), Aronson-Preis (1994), Award of the German Society for Hygiene und Microbiology (1985), Heisenberg fellowship (1985).

He holds degrees in Biology from Universities of Würzburg and Heidelberg; PhD: Immunology, University of Würzburg (1978), Habilitation: Immunology, University of Würzburg (1984).

Thomas Hünig discovered a class of CD28-specific monoclonal antibodies which were termed "superagonists" for their stimulatory potential. He was main founder of TeGenero AG which developed the humanized CD28 superagonist TGN1412.