Kathy Hartmann-Campbell

Company: Communication Coach

Kathy Hartmann-Campbell was born and raised in the US and has lived in Basel for nearly 30 years. She graduated from Yale University with honors in philosophy and pursued a career in sales management and marketing before moving to Switzerland. After completing further training in applied psychology, and serving two and a half years as head of language training at Hoffmann-LaRoche, she started her own company in 1990 as a communication trainer and coach. She has worked locally and abroad with corporate clients such as Novartis, Syngenta, Roche, Ciba, IBM and the Bank for International Settlements, leading courses in all areas of communication skills and facilitating workshops and teambuilding sessions. As a public service to the expatriate community of Basel, she regularly offers workshops on understanding cultural differences. She has worked closely with regulatory affairs professionals to develop their communication effectiveness, conducting training programs in meeting management, presenting, negotiating, interpersonal and intercultural communication. In addition, she has prepared teams and conducted rehearsals for meetings with and presentations to regulatory authorities.