Jörg Engelbergs

Company: Paul-Ehrlich-Institut

Dr. Jörg Engelbergs is currently working for the Paul-Ehrlich-Institut in Langen as regulatory-scientific expert for polyclonal and monoclonal antibody (mab) based therapeutics, including mab-biosimilars and fusion proteins (pharmaceutical quality / CMC and non-clinic) and further as expert for biomarkers / personalized medicines. He is involved in the European process of authorization of biopharmaceuticals, comprising scientific assessments and advices. Further activities are assessments of GCP conformity of clinical phase I-III trials, national and third-country (USA/Asia) GMP inspections, and basic research on biomarkers. For EDQM he is acting as expert in the Host-Cell Protein (HCP) Working Party and in the P4Bio Working Party and for EMA he is acting as member in the Pharmacogenomics Working Party (PGWP). He has been also co-author of the EMA guideline on production and quality control of monoclonal antibodies and related substances.

Dr. Engelbergs holds a Diploma in biology and a Ph. D. in cell biology and biotechnology. Before he joined the PEI, he has gained large experience in experimental cancer and neuropharmacology research with focus on targeted monoclonal antibody and biomarker based personalized biomedicines. In this time he was head of "Neuropharmacology laboratory" and in parallel head of clinical core “Genotyping service center" at Department of Neurology at University of Essen Medical School. Before, he has been scientific project leader in various cancer research projects and in parallel head of the "Monoclonal antibody research and production unit" at the Institute of Cell Biology (Cancer Research) at the West German Cancer Center.