Judith Creba

Company: Novartis Pharma AG

Judith Creba has a PhD in Biochemistry from Birmingham University in the UK and spent 5 years working in Research in the Pharma Industry in the areas of Neuroscience, Pain, Cardiovascular and Metabolism. Judith has many years of experience in Regulatory Affairs and drug development in Novartis - working in different areas such as Oncology and Infectious Diseases, where she was involved in the development and approval of an antimalarial drug, and as the EU Regulatory Head of the Cardiovascular and Metabolism Group where she was involved in the successful development, approval and life cycle management of some key products of Novartis. Judith is now Head of EU Liaison and Policy in Drug Regulatory Affairs at Novartis where she is involved in Health Authority Liaison and also represents Novartis in various working groups in Industry Trade Associations such as EFPIA.