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3rd Annual Biopharmaceuticals Meeting

What currently matters for Biopharmaceuticals

Date: 07-08 February 2013

Location: Freiburg, Germany

EUCRAF was pleased to bring more than 100 participants to its third annual meeting – The knowledge-sharing forum having covered the most recent regulatory developments that mattered to you. We had got a great two-day event, with renowned speakers from agencies and industry sharing news that will benefit all participants – international professionals involved in development and approval of biopharmaceuticals – with plenty of time for discourse during the lively panel discussions and breaks. 

Advantages for the participants were

  • They benefited from valuable updates that will impact your day-to-day work.
  • They could use this as an opportunity to meet and exchange ideas with like-minded people. 
  • They could network in a more relaxed environment at our wonderful evening event.

Having kept with our tradition for this event, too, we kicked off the meeting with a keynote presentation on the most important regulatory activities in European biopharmaceuticals that took place over the past year – from updates on the Clinical Trials regulations over recent regulatory decisions to new guideline initiatives. Sessions on pharmacovigilance, ATMPs, biosimilar monoclonal antibodies, drug-diagnostic co-development and HTA in the context of development will follow. Scientific news were  presented on immunogenicity requirements and on a newly discovered in-vitro test system that can predict cytokine release storm such as the one induced by Tegenero’s TGN1412. A session on other regions included a presentation on Brazil’s requirements for authorisation of biopharmaceuticals, including biosimilars. 

Our 3rd Annual Meeting took place in one of the most prestigious event venues of Freiburg, the Concert Hall.

After the exciting first day we arranged a social event for all of our participants and speakers at an even more exciting venue: “Winter gathering”, an evening at the Henslerhof ! Henslerhof is a very typical, rustic and charming farm house in the heart of the Black Forest. The traditional barn was reconstructed in order to be able host events.

We trust this agenda met your expectations and that we can welcome a growing community of colleagues interested in the successful development and regulation of biopharmaceuticals in 2014, too!